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Security Beefed Up Around The Globe Following London Terror Attack

Four Killed Near British Parliament

Security Beefed Up Around The Globe Following London Terror Attack

The world has responded to what's being called an act of terror in London this morning.

An attacker ploughed his car into a group of pedestrians on the Westminster Bridge before crashing into railings, getting out and stabbing a Police Officer guarding Parliament.

The suspect was later shot dead by Police while two other victims died at the scene.

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has confirmed no Australians are believed to have been killed.

While many are marking themselves as 'safe' on Facebook.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has shared his condolences with Britain saying we stand together in the fight for freedom.

'Australia's heartfelt sympathy and resolute solidarity is with the people of the United Kingdom with whom we stand today as we always have in freedom's cause, staunch allies in the war against terrorism'.


London remains in lock-down including key buildings like the London Eye.

British Prime Minister Theresa May says 'the UK's threat level has been set to severe for some time and that will not change'.

While there's an increase security presence at Parliamentary buildings around the world including Canberra.

Donald Trump has spoken with Minister May from the White House offering his condolences.


The terror threat to Australia remains at probable.

As for travel advice to London, we're being urged to remain vigilant.