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'Spiralising' Is Now In The Dictionary

Macquarie Adds 2500 Words

'Spiralising' Is Now In The Dictionary

Pic: Youtube

Zucchini noodle fans have been doing it for years, but spiralise has finally been given the dictionary's seal of approval.

The term, meaning to shred vegetables through a gadget to create healthier noodle alternatives, is one of 2500 new words added to the dictionary.


Fun additions include deso (designated driver), read listicles (online articles in list format) and digital tattoo (traceable online info about a person). 

Other words to make the cut reflect the impact pop culture, food trends and politics have had on Australia's lexicon. There's facepalm (to slap one's face as a gesture of frustration or bemusement), coffee cupping (to taste a brewed coffee in a style similar to wine) and lifehacking (shortcuts to simplify one's life).


But while Gen Y's fun with words has created new terms, their fun with money sees them cop a bit of criticism.

Macquarie has added Generation debt, which means "Generation Y viewed as living beyond their means to support their current lifestyle without consideration for their future financial situation".