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Telstra Outage Affecting Calls To Emergency Services

What to do if you can't reach 000

Telstra Outage Affecting Calls To Emergency Services

A nationwide Telstra outage has affected calls to emergency services this morning.

A cable was accidentally cut between Orange and Berowra at roughly 2am, leaving people unable to contact Triple Zero for emergency assistance.

According to Telstra, the cable was repaired just after 4am, however the service is yet to be properly restored.

If you need to contact emergency services and are unable to get through on the 000 line, police media advise calling 131 444 and you will be patched through to the appropriate service.


There are still intermittent interruptions to E000 calls in NSW, Victoria and WA following the cable cut in NSW earlier today. We are working closely with emergency services in those States. A cable cut caused by an unknown party between Orange and Bowral in NSW at 2.05am today (Friday 4 May) caused intermittent mobile voice connection interruptions in NSW, Victoria, South Australia and Queensland. Routers impacted by the cable cut were restored about 4.50am today and services progressively returned to normal. A Telstra fibre repair crew has been dispatched.

- Telstra spokesperson