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Terri Irwin Slams Bob Katter's Hat

She didn't hold back.

Terri Irwin Slams Bob Katter's Hat (Sky News)

"He has the cleanest hat I've ever seen for a bloke who claims to be from the bush."

Naturalist Terri Irwin has shut down the latest calls from MP Bob Katter for a crocodile cull in Queensland with a cutting jibe at the Independent.

On Monday Katter used question time to claim the reptiles are killing North Queenslanders at a rate of almost one a year, as well as attacking dogs and keeping tourists from beaches.

The owner of Australia Zoo was quick to point out that in the last 32 years 77 people have been killed by horses, compared to nine by crocodiles

"There is very little you can die less of in Queensland than crocodiles," Mrs Irwin told Sky News.

She went on to say that she had never run into the Queensland MP in the outback, but had seen him at a couple of "airport lounges".

The crocodile is officially listed as vulnerable however it has been 20 years since the last official government survey.