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The Nokia 3310 Is Making A Comeback!!

Right in the childhood.

The Nokia 3310 Is Making A Comeback!!

It's one of the most loved and reliable models in mobile phone history. The Nokia 3310.

You weren't cool in the 2000s unless you had one of the virtually indestructible bricks with it's never-ending battery, the beloved game Snake and jazzy covers.


Well, Nokia is now planning to re-launch the 3310, the company set to confirm it at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona later this month.

It'll be a bloody bargain too, the expected price is $81AUD.

It doesn't seem Nokia wants the 3310 to replace smartphones, but will instead pitch it as a reliable second phone for when your good one breaks. Most people will probably snatch one for it's nostalgic factor.

Long live the brick.