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There’s Now An App To Help You Eat More Veggies


There’s Now An App To Help You Eat More Veggies Image: CSIRO

Scientists have coined a nifty way of tackling Australia's poor vegetable intake with the launch of a new gaming-inspired app.

CSIRO’s new VegEze app aims to motivate Australians to add extra vegetables to their daily diets and form long-term, healthier habits through a 21-day “Do 3 at Dinner” challenge.

CSIRO nutritionists will also study how effective the app's game-like nature is at helping transform people’s eating patterns, as part of a broader research study.

"We need a fresh approach to improve Australia’s vegetable consumption and overall diet quality," CSIRO Senior Principal Research Scientist Professor Manny Noakes said.

"Our research found two out of three Australian adults are not eating enough vegetables, especially as part of their evening meal. It's time to find more engaging, effective approaches to help break these entrenched diet habits."

Image: CSIRO

Challenging users to eat three different vegetables at dinner every day for 21 days, the VegEze app helps people track their intake and tally up vegetable serves, with daily reminders and rewards to help people stay motivated and on-track.

The 21-day Do 3 at Dinner challenge and participate in the research study, download the free VegEze app via the Apple App Store.