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This Will Make You Think Twice Before Ordering A Frozen Soft Drink


This Will Make You Think Twice Before Ordering A Frozen Soft Drink

After sweating through some incredibly uncomfortable hot weather, the allure of a frozen soft drink can be overwhelming.

However, an advertising campaign is set to derail any joy derived from the humble slushie, with it reported that frozen soft drinks contain up to 20 teaspoons of sugar,

The 'Don't be sucked in' campaign compares drinking a frozen soft drink with downing a large cup of toxic fat.

And if you frequently hit up your local fast food place for a $1 slushie, the habit could see you put on nearly two kilograms if consumed daily.

"While this graphic advertisement isn’t easy to look at, it clearly illustrates the risks of drinking too many sugary drinks,” Cancer Council Australia’s Craig Sinclair said, reports 9 News.

“Frozen drinks in particular contain ridiculous amounts of added sugar – even more than a standard soft drink.

"A mega $3 Slurpee contains… more than three times the maximum recommended by the World Health Organisation of six teaspoons a day.”

Research by LiveLighter has identified the following amounts of sugar in popular frozen drinks:

  • $3 7-11 Slurpee: 20.4 teaspoons of sugar
  • Hungry Jacks Frozen Coke (Jumbo): 18.3 teaspoons
  • McDonalds Frozen Coke ($1 large): 14 teaspoons
  • KFC Mountain Dew Freeze ($1): 13.2 teaspoons