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Three Aussie Athletes Banned From Commonwealth Games For Doping

Explosive revelations

Three Aussie Athletes Banned From Commonwealth Games For Doping

The Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority has revealed that three Aussie athletes were banned from the Commonwealth Games due to doping.

According to ASADA CEO David Sharpe, no athletes have tested positive during the competition, with the three athletes banned after pre-game testing was conducted.

It is understood that a pre-Games taskforce was designed to "remove cheats before they arrive at the Games", with the Gold Coast 2018 games labelled as one of the "cleanest events in the history of the Commonwealth Games".

"It's about removing the ability of those cheats in sport to have their moment and take their moment off athletes like Ali [Jaward, English powerlifter] to stand on the podium."

The athletes caught doping have not been publicly identified.

In total, 26000 Aussie athletes were tested by ASASA, with more than 500 international athletes tested by partners.

"The lead-up to any event is critical, we know that's when the doping occurs," Mr Sharpe said.

"It's not about the numbers here, it's about the intelligence and the matrix that's used to highlight the high-risk sports, the high-risk athletes and the pressures that are on those athletes to cheat."