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Tradies Could Make Thousands Thanks To These Skill Shortages

Time for a career change?

Tradies Could Make Thousands Thanks To These Skill Shortages Image: Pixabay

Australia could be facing the worst tradie shortage in years with a golden opportunity opening up for a number of niche industries without enough tradesmen to meet current demand.

Using data drawn from over 52,000 quotes, find-a-tradie site has identified a high number of specific home improvement jobs which lack of qualified tradies to complete them.

Bathtub resurfacing topped the list (69 per cent), followed by glass installation and staircase jobs (both 64 per cent), garage, shed and carport installation (60 per cent), and stonework and masonry jobs (56 per cent)

"This gap in the market offers a great opportunity for tradies looking to grow their business,” said Service Seeking CEO Jeremy Levitt.

“The few tradies that do work in these industries are never short of work and charge premium prices as customers grow desperate to get them done."

In the 2017 financial year there were 7,729 jobs netting $4.9 million in the top ten under supplied job categories alone, that passed by due to a lack of qualified tradies.

The highest paid niche jobs were stonework and masonry jobs making an average of $3,438 per job, cabinet-making making an average of $1,576 per job, insulation installation bringing home an average of $1,416 per job, and carpet laying and installation, which made an average of $1,199 per job.