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Treatment Of Tomic Slammed As Double Standard

'Footy players get compassion'

Treatment Of Tomic Slammed As Double Standard


Longtime friend of Bernard Tomic, and boss of Tennis Gold Coast, Mike Ford, has offered up a different take on Tomic's post-Wimbledon press conference. 

Knocked out in the first round by No. 27 seed Mischa Zverev, the Aussie tennis star reckons he's 'bored' with the sport

The 24 year old has never been far from the controversial headlines... after becoming the youngest Wimbledon quarter-finalist since Boris Becker in 1986 (at 18 years old), Tomic has been in and out of the high life and infamousy. 

This morning, The Luke Bradnam Show with Libby Trickett and Dobbo spoke with Mike Ford about the whole situation. 

Ford's known Tomic since he was 9 years old, and reckons he needs help. 

"Let's just make an assessment of what actually happened. During that interview, he identified he has some mental issues."

"What I find interesting is we have the footballers that have done that in the past, they identified some mental issues, and we show care, compassion, courtesy... then Bernard does that and we bring out the baseball bats"

"Everyone is out there trying to kick him and, okay, he's an easy target and that's the world we live in, but let's just look at the alternative for a moment"

Luke questioned whether we, the Australian public, should be supporting Tomic and 'showing compassion and concern', rather than sticking the boot in. 

"Well, I just think that opinion should be put out there. I haven't heard that from anyone. I just think everyone's out there with baseball bats", said Ford. 

"No one is looking at it from that side"