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Aussie Girl's Photo Used By Trolls In Fake Ariana Grande Post

Mum slams fake Twitter posts

Aussie Girl's Photo Used By Trolls In Fake Ariana Grande Post

An Australian mum has hit out at trolls who have used a photo of her daughter on Twitter, claiming she's among those missing in the Ariana Grande concert tragedy.

Photographer Rachel Devine was shocked to see the picture of her 12 year old daughter Gem being circulated on the internet, when she was in fact safe at school.

The Melbourne mum has told Triple M she just wants people to know her daughter is safe and well. "I have no idea who stole her image or why."

 "My thoughts are with those who are actually searching for loved ones".

While desperate parents in Manchester took to social media to search for missing children, cruel trolls have started creating fake tweets about teens that are not actually missing.


Police in Manchester have confirmed they are treating the blast as a terror attack, until they can rule otherwise.

They have confirmed 19 people have died and around 50 others are injured. Around 21,000 people were attending the concert when the incident happened.

Witnesses reported hearing a "huge bang" towards the end of the show, before thousands of fans then rushed towards the exits in a panic.

Australia's Department Of Foreign Affairs and Trade is currently working to find out if any Australians have been caught up in the tragedy.