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Turns Out Carbs Will Kill You Quicker Than Fat

Calls for a massive dietary overhaul

Turns Out Carbs Will Kill You Quicker Than Fat

A large international study has found eating too many carbohydrates is more likely to send you to an early grave than too much fat.

The study of13,500 people from 18 countries revealed high carbohydrate diets increased the chance of premature death by 28 per cent when compared to low carb diets, sparking calls for an overhaul of dietary guidelines. 

For high fat diets that figure is 23 per cent.

The current guidelines recommend 50-65 per cent of daily calories come from carbohydrates, and less than 10 per cent from saturated fats.

The average global diet consists of at least 60 per cent carbohydrate.

Lead author Dr Mahshid Dehghan at McMaster University, Canada wants to see that recommendation reduced in the wake of the findings.

"The current focus on promoting low-fat diets ignores the fact that most people's diets in low and middle income countries are very high in carbohydrates, which seem to be linked to worse health outcomes," Dr Dehghan said.