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US News Outlets Targeted By Hackers On Twitter


US News Outlets Targeted By Hackers On Twitter

US News outlet ABC News has been compromised by a Twitter hacker, with a flurry of strange tweets flowing through to their near 10 million followers.

The hackers posted several tweets, which were soon deleted, but more soon surfaced which claimed to be from "russian hackers".

The tweets including statements such as "we are totally russian hackers, but we love ;)", "trump is our lord and savior " and "how is hacking even real bro, like secure ur stuff man haha".

At the time of writing, the most recent tweets from the hackers had not been deleted, and it appears that the ABC may be struggling to reclaim control of their account.

It appears that Good Morning America has also been hacked, with several of the tagged accounts in the ABC attack featuring in the GMA's feed.