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Vitamin D Could Make A Massive Difference For Asthmatics

Cost-effective treatment

Vitamin D Could Make A Massive Difference For Asthmatics Image: Pixabay

Asthmatics who take a vitamin D supplement could cut their risk of a severe attack by half, according to new research.

London researchers from Queen Mary University found emergency room visits dropped from six per cent to three per cent in participants who took vitamin D pills, the Telegraph reports.

"These results add to the ever growing body of evidence that vitamin D can support immune function as well as bone health," said lead researcher Professor Adrian Martineau.

“Vitamin D is safe to take and relatively inexpensive so supplementation represents a potentially cost-effective strategy to reduce this problem.”

Researchers also noted a 30 per cent drop in asthmatics needing treatment or steroids for attacks, with supplements cited as a cost-effective way of reducing the potential for attacks.

Around 2.5 million Australians – or one in nine – suffer from Asthma, according to Asthma Australia statistics.

The condition is more common in males aged up to 14, but for those aged 15 years and over, asthma is more common in females.

The prevalence of asthma is significantly higher in people living in inner regional areas compared with people living in major cities or outer regional and remote areas.