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Why You Should Never Use Your Phone While On The Loo

Avoid avoid avoid

Why You Should Never Use Your Phone While On The Loo Image: Pixabay

Researchers are warning Aussies that using your mobile phone while on the loo is unsurprisingly “a very bad idea”.

Exactly why you may wonder?

 Well, London Metropolitan University microbiologist Dr Paul Matewele says the casual scroll of Twitter, Facebook or Instagram during a moment on the throne could actually have some pretty nasty consequences for your health, The Sun reports.

“Touching your phone between using the toilet and washing your hands is a very bad idea,” he said.

“Toilet seats, handles, sinks and taps are covered in germs such as E. coli, which can cause urinary tract infections and intestinal illness, C. diff which can result in diarrhoea, and acinetobacter which can cause a contagious respiratory infection.”

Dr Matewele says the best way of avoiding cross-contamination is to leave your phone in your bag or pocket.

Failing that, he recommends making sure you’ve washed your hands before and after a trip to the toilet.