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Worldwide Tequila Shortage Will See Prices Skyrocket

Friday's about to get more expensive

Worldwide Tequila Shortage Will See Prices Skyrocket

You might be in for a serious price-shock the next time you order a round of tequila shots. A worldwide shortage of the plant used to make the alcoholic drink is pushing up prices.

The problem is with the supply of Agave. It's a blue-tinged spikey plant, which is the main ingredient used in making tequila.

Farmers say the plants take about 8 years to mature before you can make tequila, but they've run out of mature plants because global demand for the drink has gone through the roof.

The National Tequila Industry Chamber says that only 17.7 million agaves were planted in 2011, ready for harvest this year.

That's a shortfall of about 42 million plants needed to meet the thirsty world's demands.

So next time you're about to down a shot, you might want to slow down and consider sipping on that very expensive tequila.