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Young Boy Swallows Fidget Spinner Piece

X-ray Reveals Gadget In Gut

Young Boy Swallows Fidget Spinner Piece

(pic: Facebook North Shore Mums)

A Sydney boy has ben rushed to hospital after accidentally swallowing a piece from his new fidget spinner.

The child wasd then taken to the emergency section of the Royal North Shore Hospital after a plastic disc came off the fad-spinner.

The mother of the little boy has since posted a warning on a Facebook group saying “Parents of fidget spinners beware ... our son swallowed the disc of a fidget spinner last night and ended up at RNSH Emergency,” she wrote.

She also went-on to say “The side of the spinner was cracked and when he spun it, the disc flew in his mouth and before he realised, he swallowed it.

“He had it for less than 48 hours. Ours are now in the bin and just want to make you all aware of what can happen with these things.

“He has to pass it within two days or we’re looking at alternative methods of extraction.”

As you can see from the x-ray posted on the Facebook group - you can see a foreign type object in the boys stomach.