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Another Reason To Eat Chocolate

You Need More, Right?

Another Reason To Eat Chocolate

The South West chocolatiers have done it again with their award winning sweet treats.

After a hectic judging process at this year’s Perth Royal Show, The Margaret River Chocolate Company cleaned up with a bag full of awards.

Tumeric latte, cardamom crunch, sour cherry and chia, beetroot & orange, chili cashew with Sichuan pepper and smoked maple with bacon bits were among the creations that won gold medals.

Overall, they won 17 gold medals and 10 silver medal, making them a stand-out performer at the annual chocolate show.

According to The Margaret River Chocolate Company, they're pretty stoked with the accolades (who wouldn't be). The company spokesman, Martin Black says, “it confirms our belief that chocolate lovers are always prepared to explore new tastes”.

Ain’t that the truth, given chocolate is clearly not just about being, dark, milk or white.

I mean seriously, these new mouth watering truffle concoctions sound delicious:

  • Gin & tonic dark chocolate truffle
  • Dark ale chocolate truffle
  • Espresso martini dark chocolate truffle
  • Thai green curry truffle
  • Matcha green tea truffle
  • Native wattleseed ganache truffle

Congrats, Margaret River Chocolate Company!