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Wallaby Spotted Crossing The Sydney Harbour Bridge

Doesn't get more Aussie than this...

Wallaby Spotted Crossing The Sydney Harbour Bridge NSW Police

A wallaby has been spotted making its way across the Sydney Harbour Bridge for what appears to be an early commute this morning.

Video has emerged of police pursing the roo in lane eight just before 5am today.

"Mate just driving southbound over the Harbour Bridge there's a little joey, a kangaroo jumping all over the Harbour Bridge mate, opposite Milsons Point station there," Triple M listener Bruce told Luke Bona.

"Nah, I'm serious, yeah I rang the police just before I rang Triple M just to make sure because you'd hate to see a kangaroo run over on the Harbour Bridge - it just makes sense - it's a ripper!"


The animal was later captured near the Conservatorium of Music, with the Police Mounted Uni taking the wallaby to Taronga Zoo for veterinary assessment.

It's thought that it may have started its journey at a golf course in Cammeray, roughly three kilometres away.