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What To Pack For The Cowboys Game Tonight

Take note!

What To Pack For The Cowboys Game Tonight Instagram: @nqcowboys

Tonight is the biggest game of the 2017 NRL season in Townsville, we must win this Queensland Derby! 

So to make sure we're teach those Broncos who is boss, take note of the below messages on what to pack for tonight's game. 

  1. NOTHING BRONCOS RELATED. If you see someone in a Broncos jersey, don’t make eye contact.

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  2. COW BELLS! We’ve heard them clanging time and time again at 1300SMILES Stadium and tonight we’ll need to be as loud as possible.
  3. A BOX OF TISSUES. For the crying Broncos supporters when we whip their butts.

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  4. BIG FINGER. Surely in the 25+ years of the Cowboys being around you’ve got a ‘Cowboys Big Finger’?! Wave it around!
  5. SUNNIES. To protect your eyes from how much the Cowboys will be shining on the field.

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  6. COWBOYS CLAPPERS. Hang on, is that even what they’re called? The blow up thingies that you clap together? Bring them.
  7. A FULLY CHARGED PHONE. To capture all the amazingness.

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    8. YOUR LOUDEST VOICE. There's a few terms that you'll need to shout from            the top of your lungs: GO COWBOYS, RIDE EM COWBOYS (you know the            drill!)