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EXCLUSIVE: Drought Fighting 'Live To 150L' Campaign Launches Today

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EXCLUSIVE: Drought Fighting 'Live To 150L' Campaign  Launches Today

Jamie Loader joined Mandy & Rob for an EXCLUSIVE chat this morning about the Live to 150L Campaign!

Aiming to reduce our daily water use on the  Central Coast from the average 180L to 150L. Which isn’t much in hindsight. Only reducing by 30L a day. The equivalent of 3 buckets of water.

Mandy put her hand up being guilty for taking long showers. Admitting she used to be really good with taking short showers but after her kids moved out she’s got lazy… STEP IT UP COOLEN.


Shorter showers is the easy fix. Reducing your showers for 4 minutes is ideal for water saving.

Other ways we can save water 
- Wait till the dish washer/washing machine is full before running
- Fix leaking taps
- Turn your tap off when you brush your teeth
- Swap out your shower head for a water efficient head.
- Use half flush on the toilet

Test your water use and see how you can save water here

Listen to the chat here

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