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Adam Peacock Helps Mandy & Rob Understand Australian Politics

Politics And Elections In Layman’s Terms

Adam Peacock Helps Mandy & Rob Understand Australian Politics

Mandy & Rob chatted with Adam Peacock from PodcastOne’s podcast "Peacock Politics" about the upcoming elections in layman’s terms... So we can all understand whats going on!!!


You may recognise Adam Peacock as a presenter on Fox Sports, however he also hosts his own Podcast called Peacock Politics. He aims to educate and share his lessons about politics.

“We’ve had four Prime Ministers in 8 years, and not voted by us. How on earth have we got to where we are?”, a disenfranchised Peacock asks. Without the political spin, Adam takes the angle from a dad of three children, who is curious about how the political system works, so he can be an informed voter at the upcoming election and can educate his kids about Australian politics, to ultimately, “try and get to the bottom of our political chaos,” said Peacock.

You can find Adam's podcast here:


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