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Scott Cam Reveals How They Went Overboard On The Latest Season Of The Block!

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Scott Cam Reveals How They Went Overboard On The Latest Season Of The Block!

Five couples. Five majestic houses buried under a century of neglect. A renovation that’s bigger and tougher than ever.
Could this be The Block that finally pushes the contestants too far?
The Block, Australia’s most successful reality program, returns for an incredible 15th season. And it’s back to houses as contestants will be tasked with a renovation of colossal proportions.
For the uninitiated, the premise is simple. Five couples have to transform a dilapidated property into five top-end homes, delivering a room each week to be scored by the judges.
But the star of this year’s series is no ordinary building. Built more than 150 years ago on the back of the Victorian goldrush, The Oslo was one of Australia’s premier addresses.
Home to society families, the newly rich and the nation’s elite, it was the jewel in bayside St Kilda’s crown.
However, through the years the building changed hands until it became a low-rent backpacker hostel, and with decades of neglect the houses became one sprawling mess of a building.
Ripe and ready for a Block makeover
Joining Scott again this year will be Block veteran Shelley Craft. Overseeing the renovations will be site foremen Keith and Dan with the weekly room reveals judged by Neale Whitaker, Shaynna Blaze and Darren Palmer.
The couples chosen from more than 45,000 entries are:
Tess (28) and Luke (30) – Media sales partner and carpenter from Cairns, Queensland
El’ise (33) and Matt (39) – Fashion manager and carpenter from Perth, Western Australia
Jesse (29) and Mel (31) – Real estate agent and contracts administrator from Melbourne, Victoria
Mitch (56) and Mark (57) – Stylish grandads from Sydney New South Wales
Andy (48) and Deb (46) – Stand-up comedian and homewares store owner from Wallabi Point, New South Wales
At stake is $100,000 for The Block winner plus whatever profits their home can make on auction day.
This is by far the most impressive Block ever attempted. In every sense of the word, it is going to be huge.

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