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'Adam Shand at Large' Is Back With Another Podcast

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'Adam Shand at Large' Is Back With Another Podcast

On Monday, Adam Shand's new At Large series, Jailhouse Lawyer went live on PodcastOne.

In a 2-part series, Adam takes listeners behind prison walls for a unique look at life in maximum security. The new Jailhouse Lawyer series tells the story of an ex-criminal who walked the line between warring gangs before being wrongly imprisoned. He reveals how he survived in and out of jail and why helping others fight for freedom was so important even though Carl Williams was framing him for murder.

It explores police corruption and digs deep into the underworld. “This is one of the most unusual redemption stories you’ll ever hear, especially when you know the authorities want to throw him [the jailhouse lawyer] back in jail for helping fellow inmates,” Shand explains.

This morning Mandy and Whitto caught up with Adam Shand to chat about his new PodcastOne series, Adam Shand at Large: Jailhouse Lawyer