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A 10-Year Ban On Fracking In The South East Has Been Passed

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A 10-Year Ban On Fracking In The South East Has Been Passed Troy Bell

Limestone Coast locals can finally breathe a sigh of relief with a 10-year ban on fracking in the South East having passed through the lower house.

Member from Mt Gambier Troy Bell has been pushing for the ban for over 4 years.

“This issue first popped up before the 2014 election. I gave a commitment to the community that I would look at it seriously. I travelled to America twice, and I’ve read more books on fracking then anybody would probably care to know. But from there I formed the view that the sensible way forward was a 10-year ban, and it’s very pleasing to see that it’s now come into effect.”

- Troy Bell

The Petroleum and Geothermal Energy Amendment Bill 2018 was introduced in July and quickly gained crucial liberal party support.

Mr. Bell acknowledged that it can’t be considered a “done deal” until the government signs the proposal, but he’s confident that will occur over the next week.

You can learn more about fracking here, and catch up on the full chat with Troye Bell below…