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LISTEN | Jane Calls Bullshit On Mick's Golfing Story

"Having a little snoozy snooze!"

LISTEN | Jane Calls Bullshit On Mick's Golfing Story Image: Instagram

Mick joined the show to gloat about the beauty and the wonder of his golf trip to New Zealand, calling it the best golfing location in the world.

Jane's response? "I'm calling bullshit on that."


Mick went on a golf trip with Glenn Robbins and Rob Sitch over in New Zealand and wouldn't stop telling the guys about how incredible the trip was and how beautiful the scenery is.

But Jane wasn't buying it.

Why? Footage emerged of Mick in a chopper alongside Glenn Robbins, their mode of transport.

With Mick falling asleep.

"Little Micky's having a little snoozy snooze!" she said.

"Nodding off, ooh, I'm awake, I'm awake...Glenn's face as he's filming this is so funny! It's rather embarrassing, I would say."

Mick's defence?

"I fell asleep on a Black Hawk in Afghanistan. While we were being shot at!"