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Mick and Jane Prank Dangerous Dave Live On Air

Got him!

Mick and Jane Prank Dangerous Dave Live On Air

It seems not even Dangerous Dave can escape the old Wikipedia prank that is causing chaos in the Kennedy Molloy team.

It started out relatively innocently when Mick found out Jane 'removed' her age from her Wikipedia page, deciding it was his duty to change and add a few 'facts' of his own to Jane's bio and getting Siri to read them out live on the radio.

Then a few days later Jane got her revenge, editing Mick's Wikipedia page with hilarious results.

While all this was going on, Dangerous Dave was an innocent bystander in the studio, until yesterday when Mick and Jane decided he needing stitching up, with Ballarat's favourite son receiving a Wikipedia edit of his own!

Listen to Mick and Jane pranking Dangerous Dave live on air:


Seeing as Dave is in charge of all the mics and pushed the buttons in the studio, pranking him is a very dangerous game to play - maybe that's where his nickname comes from?