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Mick Molloy Says Goodbye To An Old Friend

They travelled everywhere together.

Mick Molloy Says Goodbye To An Old Friend

Mick Molloy has bid to a sad farewell to his much loved (and much used) passport.

Speaking to his Kennedy Molloy co-host Jane Kennedy, Mick admitted he was a bit emotional having to say goodbye to his travel companion for the last ten years.

"I didn't realise how overwhelmed I'd actually get when I had to say goodbye to this little baby," Mick admitted to Jane.


"We've been through some bloody tough scrapes.

"It's been confiscated twice and lost once.

"Stolen by a monkey in Indonesia and a hooker in Mexico.

"It's been to Homeland Security three times Jane, and it was with me when I was sent home from the Winter Olympics in Canada.

"So many great moments, so hard to say goodbye."

Now Mick has to go through the awkward moment of getting another passport photo taken...or does he?

Maybe Mick can use a photo of one his look-a-likes...