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Wil Anderson Tells Kennedy Molloy About The Time He Got Arrested

'I'm going to get a teardrop tattoo.'

Wil Anderson Tells Kennedy Molloy About The Time He Got Arrested Image: Getty

Triple M's Wil Anderson has told Kennedy Molloy about the time he accidentally got arrested on a flight last year.

Wil was arrested - mistakenly - for causing a disturbance on a flight to Wagga Wagga.

“I was flying to Wagga Wagga and I got arrested at the end of the flight, and at the time that was a pretty traumatic thing," he told Kennedy Molloy.

Mick agreed, noting it was a pretty big story.

"I remember this. When it first broke, it went nuts," he said. "Everyone was going ‘what is it, what is it'."

It's a story that's stuck in the minds of Wil's friends, that's for sure.

“That’s the great thing about having comedic friends,” he said.

“My friends were so relieved that I was only arrested! 

"It’s become one of their favourite things to do is, because in this case I got arrested for something I hadn’t done, they’ve got into the habit of just randomly sending me to other times where I could have got arrested for something and I wasn’t.”

He wouldn't divulge about the incident too much when Jane asked on Tuesday.

“I’ve got a whole show about it Jane, so I’m not going to remind them too much!” he laughed.

“Three days after it happened, I got a email, a survey email from Qantas saying ‘tell us about your flight to Wagga Wagga’.

“I was like no, you’re going to have to pay $55 like everyone else around the country if you want to know!

But it's still given him a good insight into what it's like to get arrested.

“I’m feeling a lot harder. I’m going to get a teardrop tattoo, obviously,” he said.

“You, me and Grant Hackett! We should all go on tour,” Mick laughed.