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Woman Wakes Up In Morgue After Being Pronounced Dead


Woman Wakes Up In Morgue After Being Pronounced Dead Image: Wikimedia Commons/Ralf Roletschek

One woman has woken up in a morgue after being incorrectly pronounced dead.

The woman was taken to the Carletonville morgue in South Africa after a road accident, where paramedics at the scene found she wasn't breathing.

However, a morgue worker checked her body later on in the mortuary fridge to discover she was still alive and still breathing.

The unnamed woman is currently in a Johannesburg hospital with her family after answers.

“That’s all we want [answers] and we don’t have any clarity now”, one family member told the BBC.

Ambulance Distress Alert operations manager Gerrit Bradnick said this wasn't the fault of the paramedics.

“This did not happen because our paramedics are not properly trained”, Mr Bradnick told TimesLive.

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