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Day 3: I Quit Smoking

Halfway there now...

Day 3: I Quit Smoking

Alana's reached hump day and she's still going strong!

We're so incredibly proud of her.

It's been a tough couple days for her. The withdrawals made her quite sick yesterday but she's powering on through the pain.

The MyQuitBuddy app says she's already saved $60 this week!

If you haven't looked into the app just yet, we highly recommend you do. It adds up how much you're saving now that you're not buying your daily smokes, and seriously, seeing those dollars add up is enormous motivation to reach your goals.

Today, Sarah & Paddy checked in with Rob, Alana's partner, to see how they've been coping outside of work.

It really does take a village to make change, and it's important to have the support at home as well as work.

And as always, if you need a little help in seeing your goals actualised, give the guys at the QuitLine a buzz on 13 78 48.