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Sarah & Paddy's Movie Review: Wonder Woman

The weekly flick pick

Sarah & Paddy's Movie Review: Wonder Woman

The fourth installment of the DC Extended Universe films has dropped and we couldn't be more keen!

It's the superhero movie that beefs up female empowerment to the max! Directed by Patty Jenkins, making it one of the very, very few superhero films with a woman at the helm.

Gal Gadot stars in the title role, and we're calling it now - this film will absolutely make the little known actress's career! 

Of late, we've been saturated with hero origin stories, but this is really something special. Definitely worth watching, and we're thrilled to say it. 

The Wonder Woman story has always been a bit of a kiss of death for publishing houses, a bit like Hulk has continued to be for the Marvel franchise. But this precursor to the Justice League reboot is the exception. It's truly a worthwhile film to see - for the whole family.