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Ex-Bachie & Fitness Guru Sam Wood Talks Weekend Boozing & Health

How much is too much?

Ex-Bachie & Fitness Guru Sam Wood Talks Weekend Boozing & Health

We can all be a bit guilty when it comes maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Some of us have wild weekend blowouts that leave us feeling sorry for ourselves come the next morning.

Seany got ex-Bachie & fitness guru, Sam Wood, on the phone to talk about all things weekend boozing and to ask, how much is really too much?  

Put down the beer, because Sam says alcohol is to blame for not seeing results! 

"People underestimate how detrimental alcohol is to weight loss, it becomes your primary fuel source, so your body won't burn any fat until it's out of your system".

And no, eating healthy for 5 days and getting rowdy on the weekend isn't going to give you the balance you're after. So really, it's everything in moderation!

Seany couldn't let Sam go without asking him about the Honey Badger taking The Bachelor Australia reigns.

"He's very, very funny. I've never met him but what a ripping bloke!"

Missed the chat? You can listen to Seany's yarn with Sam Wood here: