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Wayne Carey Responds To A Dig From Kane Cornes

'I will ask Kane this...'

Wayne Carey Responds To A Dig From Kane Cornes Image: Channel 9

Triple M's Wayne Carey has hit back at Kane Cornes for suggesting he was told to praise Adelaide skipper Taylor Walker.


Cornes said on radio this morning "someone has got in (Carey’s) ear" to pump Walker up last night, where the Adelaide captain responded to criticism with 16 disposals and four goals.

Duck said his opinions are his own.

"I don’t get seduced by anyone in the media, and/or friends,” Carey said on The Saturday Rub.

Carey noted Walker has been voted best captain by the AFLPA for two consecutive years, and that he wasn’t deserving of criticism after one bad game.

"I will ask Kane this: being a shock jock in this industry, as a former player, has a limited time,” he stated.

"Right now, his vendetta against Tex Walker is not looking very favourable on him, because he got made (to) look like a fool last night, because Tex Walker played an absolutely brilliant captain’s game.

“He came into the game injured and stood up like a good captain does.

"I actually love the fact that Kane Cornes speaks his mind, but on this particular topic...he's a bit of a shock jock."