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Alex Rance Explains That Run-In With The Club Trainer

'This isn't one of my finest moments!'

Alex Rance Explains That Run-In With The Club Trainer (Image: Channel 9)

Alex Rance has played down his run-in with Richmond trainer Matt Pearce during last week's qualifying final, having a laugh and saying he feels "like a bit of a dope now".

Rance gave Pearce a bit of a word after copping a knock to the head and seeing him off under the blood rule.

He was pretty thankful the two are good mates.

"This isn't one of my finest moments, is it! First of all, I was filthy I didn't get the free kick, because I thought it was probably there," he said on The Footy Show.

"It's lucky that I'm actually good mates with 'Pearcey', we go a fair way back."

He explained exactly what caused him to fire up.

"He's come in pretty hot with the towel, I'm just collecting my thoughts as I've got bloody coming down my head," he smiled.

"He's donged the towel straight on top of my head, and I'm just about shot through the roof because he's hit me right on the spot where I got done!

"I just said 'relax'! With an 'f' in there, which I probably shouldn't have done. I felt so bad straight after, (I) gave him a hug straight after the game. 

"I feel like a bit of a dope now!"