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“We Don’t Like You, Dad!”

Morris got no sympathy for leg break!

“We Don’t Like You, Dad!”

(Image: Getty)

Western Bulldogs premiership defender Dale Morris was very relieved earlier in the year to learn his broken leg wasn’t more serious than first thought.

Morris injured himself against Collingwood in round one and there were fears that he may have damaged his ankle and/or knee and may have required surgery.

So, given the circumstances, a broken leg was the best-case scenario.

But when Morris shared the great news with his children, he didn’t exactly get the reaction he was expecting.

“The worst thing was the next day we were meant to pick up our new puppy for the kids,” Morris told Triple M’s Rush Hour.

“They’ve been counting down the days and marking them off on the calendar and I was up at the crack of dawn to get scans so I wasn’t home, the kids woke up, bounced out of bed and they said, ‘We’re getting the dog today, we’re getting the dog today!’

“(Wife) Gemma just said, ‘Boys, can you sit down a minute’. They’ve gone, ‘What do we have to sit down for?’ Gemma said, ‘The dog isn’t ready to leave his mum and dad’s hurt himself so we can’t get the dog’. All they’ve heard is we’re not getting the dog because of dad.

“I get home pretty happy (with) crutches into the house and I said, ‘Boys, daddy doesn’t need an operation!’

“And they glared at me and said, ‘We don’t like you, dad!’

“So I looked at Gem and just said, ‘We’re getting this dog tomorrow’. So I went to pick it up and all is forgiven.”

Morris is expected to be available for senior selection in 1-2 weeks.