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‘I Got This’ - Triple M Statsman Ash Chua Tried To Be A Wingman For Warnie Last Night

The Chu Man trying to get it done!

‘I Got This’ - Triple M Statsman Ash Chua Tried To Be A Wingman For Warnie Last Night Image: Triple M Cricket

Triple M Cricket statsman Ash Chua is a bit of a cult legend.

His nimble work with the numbers across both cricket and AFL has made him a fan favourite, but it’s fair to say he overreached on the town in Perth with Shane Warne and Kevin Pietersen last night.

Mark Howard revealed on the Triple M Cricket coverage today that the Chu Man tried to help out Warnie with a couple of ladies at the bar last night.

Listen to the story here:


Warnie came by later and confirmed the story:


“From what I’m told, two of the biggest in the jungle, Warne and Pietersen were at the bar last night,” Howie said.

“Kevin also a beautiful wife, nothing untoward happening there.

“Shane, a single man was keeping an eye on a couple of girls over the other side of the bar, maybe waving and saying hello, and Chua was on the espresso martinis at that stage.

“After a couple of espresso martinis, the boys were in discussion, including Chua was in discussion with Warne and Pietersen which is incredible on its own.

“Warnie was eyeing these ladies off and Chua said, I quote: ‘Boys, leave it to me’!

“To Warne and Pietersen!

“I’ll open the door for ya Shane!”

Howie explained Chua’s plan of attack.

“Our man sidles down to these two ladies — unannounced — and introduces himself as the premier statistician on the planet — two day, two night premiership statistician at North Melbourne — and I’m told the conversation was a little bit scratchy.

“So Chu went for some extra information, delved into his phone and apparently was showing them videos of the new Perth Stadium to keep them entertained!

“The end result? Apparently the first time Warnie has missed out in a year and a half!”

Triple M Cricket executive producer Brad McNamara perhaps summed it up best

“It’s like telling Bradman to stay at the non-striker’s end!” he said, according to Isa Guha.

Chu confirmed the veracity of the story.

“For Nicorette stats Howie, probably about 97% accurate!” he said.

Shane Warne also confirmed the story.

“All I can say is that I’m not sure what the Chu Man was doing actually with us,” Warnie said.

“He did teach me a couple of things I can do with my phone.

“I’m generally pretty good on the phone, but I think now I’m gonna start taking pictures of cricket grounds around the world!

“I think I’ve got new lines for the pick up!”

Warnie said that Chu’s line wasn’t exactly as initially reported.

“I think there might have been a rewrite of history there,” Warnie said.

“I think the Chu Man said something along the lines of ‘I’ve got this!’.”


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