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Aaron Woods Slams Tigers In EXPLOSIVE Interview

"The club has no stability"

Aaron Woods Slams Tigers In EXPLOSIVE Interview

Image: @The5thTackle83

In an interview with Triple M and Fox Sports' James Hooper on Fox League, Aaron Woods has revealed the reasons for his decision to move on from the Tigers at season's end.

Woods also made comments about the state of the club, saying that the club has "no stability" and he was "let down" by the Tigers. Listen to the full report below.

"I never thought I'd be wearing colours other than the orange, white and black," Woods said.

"We're forever in the media, we've had three coaches in the time that I've been at the club.

"You want to go out there and play footy, but there's always something going on that's out of our control."

When asked if he was frustrated with the handling of the board, Woods said honestly that it was more disappointment.

"I just feel let down a bit," Woods said.

"Recently, since Jason Taylor got sacked, they came out with us four players - who were the "Big Four" at the time ... and said that we got him sacked. Which is a complete lie.

"The board, the CEOs make the decisions. We just play football, that's it."

Woods also said that there was a lack of support from the club, with the captain receiving little communication during the saga which culminated with Jason Taylor's sacking. 

"Didn't get any support, haven't heard from the club in three weeks," Woods said.

"The club's got no stability, like I said before.

"They didn't know who the long-term coach was going to be, and at the same time they want us to agree to a three of four year deal.

"They want me to be there long-term. It's my future. I'm 26 and by the time that contract runs out I'm 30 and it's a massive decision in my life.

"You just want to know, and that's all I asked. I didn't say go out and sack JT. I liked JT - I got along with him really well.

"But at the end of the day, the club made the decision and once it was done, it was pretty much the four players made the decision, which is a complete lie.

"I'm the captain of the club, you think they'd at least give you a text and see how you're going."