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NRL Looking To Introduce 'Good Behaviour Fund'

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NRL Looking To Introduce 'Good Behaviour Fund'

Reports have emerged today that the NRL is looking at introducing a 'good behaviour fund' in an attempt to reduce off-field drama, according to

Speaking on Triple M Sunday NRL, Paul Kent said that this would see more of the responsibility shift to the players if their hip pockets are hit, instead of the clubs through loss of sponsorship. Listen to the full report below.

"There is no direct correlation between the players misbehaving and their income," Kenty said.

"The NRL has never come out and declared how much money has been lost to the game because of various incidences.

"The players still get paid their wages, and the onus is on the clubs to try to cover that sponsorship loss.

"The NRL are now thinking that they need a correlation here to make the players behave.

"It's being portrayed as a bit of a bribe to the clubs.

"So the NRL is now saying that they'll give the NRL clubs an extra $400,000, but every time a player misbehaves, we''ll take a little bit out of it.

"The issue will be that clubs will want to keep that $400,000 safe, so if there is an incident, they'll sweep it under the carpet."