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Paul Kent Criticises NRL Expenditure Figures

"It's a PR stunt"

Paul Kent Criticises NRL Expenditure Figures

The NRL released on Saturday a statement detailing its finances, however Triple M's Paul Kent and Ryan Girdler have criticised this move, saying that the report lacks any detail and does not actually reveal any information.

The RLPA and NRL will meet on Monday to discuss the collective bargaining agreement.

Listen to the full report below.

"There's a frightening lack of detail," Kenty said.

"It was a PR stunt.

"What's the point of bringing out figures that have no detail?

"No one can sit down and determine if the money is being well spent.

"These details show that the game has spent money, but we already knew that because the game is broke.

"When businesses go broke, it is generally because of cash flow problems."

"If you just throw out a pie chart that means nothing to anybody, and then you have something in there where they spend $72 million on 'revenue generating costs' - what is that?" Girds said.