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Rabbitohs In Hot Water After Incident-Riddled First Half

"They should've sent both off"

Rabbitohs In Hot Water After Incident-Riddled First Half

Image: @FOXNRLLive

After the first half of footy between the Knights and the Rabbitohs, it seems as though Souths could have trouble making up numbers next week with several players likely in trouble with the match review committee.

"Their discipline has been poor, and we've seen that several times today," Triple M's Sterlo said.

Most seriously, George Burgess has been spotted giving Mitch Barnett a wicked elbow before a few loose punches were thrown between the two

He was sin-binned, but the general consensus is that he got off easy and should've been sent off.

"George Burgess should be off the field," Sterlo said.

"The crowd saw it and knew straight away - they were baying for him to be taken off.

"I haven't seen that in the game for a long, long time."

"They will get him - the match review will get him," Triple M's Bill Harrigan said.

Also in hot water is Hymel Hunt, who hit Brendan Elliot with a swinging arm while he was falling. He was put on report.

"Hymel Hunt should've gone as well.

"It's rare in a game for the ref to send two off, but it should've happened."

We'll be hearing from the NRL match review committee about these incidents for sure.