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Seibold Hails 'Invaluable' Cross Code Training Camp

When NRL meets AFL

Seibold Hails 'Invaluable' Cross Code Training Camp Image Credit: South Sydney Rabbitohs

Anthony Seibold was ecstatic with the results of the Rabbitohs week-long hybrid training camp with AFL club Port Adelaide.  

"It was a really enjoyable last couple of days, we hosted Port Adelaide for a couple of reasons one was to share learning, so both sets of coaching staff can help each other but more importantly the playing groups had an opportunity to do a number of sessions together," Seibold told the club's website.

"We finished with a hybrid game session this morning which was really enjoyable, all our GPS data was through the roof, the players worked hard but they really enjoyed themselves."


Seibold also noted one particular key component of the AFL game he was hoping translated from the Power players to his Rabbitohs.

"Their expertise in the kicking and catching component of our game, Adam Reynolds is one of the best kickers in the competition but always Adam can continue to learn and develop," Seibold said. 

"It’s the same with our catchers our outside back we need to continue to work and grow with our catching expertise.

"To have the port Adelaide coaching staff and players here for the last couple of days in those sessions is invaluable for us and we can replicate those sessions going forward and continue to grow those components of our game.

"It was all about the change of scenery for our guys to have the Port Adelaide here for both staff and players and it was great for the two groups to mix."