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Israel Folau Will Not Be Disciplined For Comments Against Gay People

After a meeting with bosses

Israel Folau Will Not Be Disciplined For Comments Against Gay People Getty

Israel Folau will not be disciplined for comments he made against gay people on his Instagram account, Rugby Australia boss Raelene Castle has confirmed.

The Wallabies star and his manager met with Castle and Waratahs CEO Andrew Hore in Sydney earlier today for a conversation Castle described as "very open, very calm and very honest."

"There's a very clear policy around social media," she said. "When [athletes] use public platforms they need to think about the implications of a comment they make.

"Israel acknowledged he could have put a more positive spin on the message. He understands he's caused some grief in this.

"He's a very religious man. He wants to see everyone live in a positive world but needs to make sure he's respectful."

Via Instagram

Castle also said that while Rugby Australia were "proud" of Folau "being prepared to stand up for what he believes in", both parties recognised that they should use their social media platforms carefully.

"RA has got a policy of inclusion and using social media with respect," she continued. "Israel's gone away to think about that.

"He's making sure we aren't asking him to compromise his beliefs.

"He doesn't want to be disrespectful."

But Castle brushed off fears that Qantas, a major sponsor of Rugby Australia, would withdraw its support after they voiced their displeasure at Folau's comments.

"Qantas are facing the same challenge," Castle said. "They've got thousands of staff and an inclusion policy but it's not a smooth road.

"Full inclusion is what we're hoping for."

Hore also defended Folau after the meeting, explaining that his issue wasn't with the athlete's views but how they were expressed. 

"In any changing room there's a wide range of views - it's about how those views are put across," he said. "That's one of the beauties of rugby."