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PSA: Macca's Monopoly Is Back This Week

That time of year again

PSA: Macca's Monopoly Is Back This Week McDonald's

Good news for anyone who needs an excuse to head to the drive-thru: McDonald's has confirmed that Monopoly is coming back this week.

From Wednesday, us Aussies will once again be able to obsessively collect stickers in an effort to win prizes totalling  $252,182,855. 

While there's not too much information available just yet, you will be able to increase your chances of winning by requesting your burgers through the McDonald's app.

Every time you place an order via the mymacca's app, you'll earn yourself a bonus Chance Code (you can download the app here, by the way).

Other than that, it's all about fine-tuning your hungover order/ road trip order/ the sneaky order you have to hide the evidence of so as to maximise the number of stickers you get.

The promotion runs from September 5 to October 16 and is open to any Australian resident over the age of 14.

Also, if you're downloading apps, why not download ours? All the cool kids are doing it. Have a look here.