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Aquaman's Jason Momoa Absolutely Lost His Sh*t At The Rugby And It Was Glorious

"That was so epic!"

Aquaman's Jason Momoa Absolutely Lost His Sh*t At The Rugby And It Was Glorious AAP

Jason Momoa may have just starred in a record-breaking movie but bloody hell he seems far more pumped about heading to the rugby than any of that Hollywood nonsense.

The Aquaman actor is an avid All Blacks fan and took the opportunity to head along to watch his team take on Canada in the HSBC Sevens World Series in Vancouver this week.

Channeling a rugby fan on top and the Hamburgler on the bottom, Momoa was not only able to meet the players but stood on the field as the New Zealand team ran out.

And because the 39-year-old's Instagram game is exactly like your great-aunt Susan's, he filmed the whole thing; if you listen carefully, you can hear him say: "That was f*cking awesome!"



"My first 7s tournament," he wrote alongside the video. "So thankful to meet the [All Blacks] and go on the field.

"Win or lose. I bleed all black [sic]."

In fact, Momoa's enthusiasm was so noticeable, he became almost as much of a focus for camera crews as the actual game.


Honestly, could the bloke be having any more fun?

Momoa even stopped to chat to media after the game, calling rugby "the ultimate sport".

"There's no pads. I grew up in America, we didn't have this much, especially where I grew up, we played more hockey," he explained.

"But when I went down and lived in Australia and New Zealand... it's just my favourite.

"I've never seen the sevens before. It's just so great and fast-paced. I love it!"

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