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A 'Curious' Bloke Has Gotten His Penis Stuck In A Weight At The Gym

What A (Dumb)bell End

A 'Curious' Bloke Has Gotten His Penis Stuck In A Weight At The Gym

Firefighters have been called to a gym in Germany after one curious weight lifter got his dick stuck in a weight plate.

The gym-goer had obviously decided he had had enough of your run-on-the-mill weight lifting and wanted to take things up a notch; inserting his penis into the hole in the middle of a 2.5kg weight plate.

Unfortunately, after inserting it, old mate couldn't remove his penis from the hole and firefighters were called to help with the extraction.

Unable to manoeuvre the penis out of the weight, the firefighters drove the stuck man to a local hospital, where he was put under sedation.

Hospital workers and the fire crew then used angle grinders, a saw and a hydraulic rescue device to eventually break the weight after THREE HOURS.


The firefighters then posted an image of the shattered weight with the following message: "Please do not imitate such actions."

Cheers for the heads up, boys.

FYI, the curious gym-goer's penis is reportedly functioning as normal.