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Ever named your car?

F1 Star Has...

Ever named your car?

Sebastian Vettel has a bit of a thing for naming his cars.

It goes back to 2008 when he named his Toro Rosso 'Julie.'

The names have become less boring since.

In 2009 it was 'Kate' before 'Luscious Liz' and 'Randy Mandy' were his rides in 2010.

'Kinky Kylie' delivered the goods with his 2nd title in 2011, 'Abbey' came in 2012 and 'Hungry Heidi' in 2013.

But 'Suzie' was a dud in 2014, failing to score him any wins in a season in which he was beaten by Daniel Ricciardo.

2015 brought 'Eva' and last year his girl was 'Margherita.'

The 4-time champ has come up with a doozy for his Ferrari this year.




It's short for 'Regina' which (little did we know) is Latin for Queen.

If his pre-season form is anything to go by, 'Gina' will be tangling with the Mercs of Lewis Hamilton and Valterri Bottas for wins in 2017.