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5 Weird Animals You See On The Central Coast

Turkeys to dinosaurs!

5 Weird Animals You See On The Central Coast Express Advocate (Panther & Goats), Wikipedia (Turkey)

The Coast is home to some strange, unique and wonderful animals. We compiled a list of five of the weirdest - but we're sure there's more!

1. Bats in Avoca

At dusk every day, an evil gang of bats accumulate and hover in the trees around Avoca – stemming from their colony in a nature reserve behind Lakeshore Drive. After major weather events like storms and heavy rain, the bats get startled and move around in larger numbers. And they smell. Lots.

2. Bush turkeys in Matcham

Are they going to claw my eyes out, or just peck on the front door until I feed them bread? The eternal question surrounding this strange, enormous, fluffy buzzard – which is found in all sorts of places across the Coast.

via Wikipedia

3. The panther in Ourimbah

Last sighted in 2015, the famed Ourimbah panther has been an urban legend (OR IS IT?!) since a period of multiple sightings in 2006.

Image via Express Advocate

4. Dinosaur in Somersby

Has anyone else noticed there’s a rather large dinosaur at the Kariong exit on the M1? It appears to change colour from time to time. So talented!

Image via Australian Reptile Park

5. Mountain goats at Mt White

Earlier this year the Express Advocate did an incredible investigation into the dwindling numbers of mountain goats atop Mt White. Their ability to roam the mountains of the M1 and remain alive is so impressive – and they’re so popular someone’s made a Facebook appreciation society page that has nearly three and a half thousand likes. Keep your eyes peeled every time you’re on the freeway!

Image via Express Advocate

Any we missed that pop up in your part of the Coast? Tell us on Facebook!