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Plans to breed endangered mammals just two hours up the road

But they need your help!

Plans to breed endangered mammals just two hours up the road

Did you know that Australia has the worst mammal extinction rate in the world, having lost nearly 30 species?

The next mammal that could be in line for extinction is the endangered Eastern Quoll.

Eastern quolls have been extinct from the mainland for more than 50 years, due to habitat loss and living alongside threatening species such as feral cats and foxes.

Some can still be found in Tasmania, but their future there isn't bright. 

Charity organisation, Aussie Ark, have big plans to save the mammal, launching a Crowdfunding campaign to help build a feral proof fenced off sanctuary for endangered Eastern quolls.

They'll release them back semi-wild sanctuary at Barrington Tops, 2 and a half hours North of Gosford, where they once used to roam and thrive.


With enough funding, Aussie Ark’s vision is to help other Australian mammal species such as the Long-nosed Potoroo, and Brown Bandicoot, that are ideal candidates for semi-wild release into large, predator proof fenced release sites in the Barrington Tops.

Want to join the fight? More info here.