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This Sunday Is Graffiti Removal Day On The Coast

You can get involved!

This Sunday Is Graffiti Removal Day On The Coast Credit: Rotary Club Of Gosford North

The Rotary Club of Gosford North are supporting Graffiti Removal Day this Sunday 29th October.

“This may be a dream but may happen with strong support from community, the police, council and other supporters. We will definitely make our great area look much better”, Graffiti Co-ordinator for the Rotary Club, Graham Black said.

“Its fun to get your kids involved in spotting graffiti in your area, opening a few old paint tins in the garage and painting out tags on your property and maybe offering to do the same on nearby properties. I guarantee this will put a smile on your face and make the kids proud”.

“Our Rotary Club removes several hundred tags over the year and we have identified many new sites and have others reported through the official web site, where you can volunteer to help."